We worry about your home so you don't have to

Easily organize, digitize, and maintain your home with a Kousso Profile.

Home Profiles

Home ownership made simple

The essential tool for homeowners that helps organize and monitor home information, stay on track of home upkeep, and maximize their investment.

Prevent Issues
Simple check-ins and property information monitoring help predict and identify potential concerns early before they can become major expenses.
Access Information
Easily access key information such as paint colors, air filter size and location, appliance information, and building materials.
Invest Wisely
Get the most out of your investment with access to simple mortgage payments scenarios, maintenance budgeting, and home value estimates.
Better Maintenance
Stay on top of home maintenance with suggested monthly activities as well as insights to potential future replacements and repairs.
Designed For Homeowners
Your Kousso Profile will be a trusted resource throughout the life of your home. We provide you with a data-rich tool that provides easy access the important details about you home.
Sell Confidently
When it comes time to sell your home, improve your sellability with clear maintenance records, a directory of past service providers, and all the details the new owners would need to feel confident in their purchase.
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